Gabriel Cohen

Co-Founder and President

Personal Information


    Since childhood, Gabriel has had a passion for investing. After being gifted stock for his 12th birthday, he started learning about investments and socio-economic development. His passion for financial literacy grew throughout his high school years and he met the 2008 market-crash understanding that the financial industry needed a change of direction. As banks increased restrictions and limited lending options for small-businesses after the financial crisis, Gabriel’s vision for a new type of banking became clearer. He yearned to create a lending institution free of underhanded practices and conflicts of interests; a firm focused on providing tailored financial products that help the local business community. Aligned with this client-centric mission, Gabriel and partner Esther Babayeva started their alternative lending firm, Logic Advance Group in 2013. Since then Gabriel has continued spearheading banking and fin-tech advancements that support entrepreneurs driving our country’s economic growth, with no end in sight.

    Gabriel graduated from Columbia Business School with a Masters in Science. In his free time, Gabriel enjoys philanthropy, piano lessons with his son, volunteering his financial savvy as the his local community group’s director and watching the latest action films with his wife.